Shift Labs, Inc.

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About us What We Do Shift Labs is revolutionizing how medical devices get built. We started this company because great ideas for affordable medical devices rarely made it to market. We change that. • We build simple, elegant medical devices. • We believe simple devices are the key to expanding access to quality healthcare. • We build products that prioritize customers needs and wants. • We design reliable, simple-to-use medical worldwide, from hospitals to home. How We Do It We start with human centered design at the beginning of our development process, and we use that to guide our creative, rigorous engineering. The result is robust, easy-to-use devices that don't require hours of training to use and that withstand vigorous usage. We are committed to improving health and wellness around the world, and that means technologies that work equally well in Seattle, in a post-Sandy urban landscape, or in an Ebola Treatment Unit. We started this company to transform what people think is possible when it comes to healthcare devices. The world has changed a lot, and we leverage the massive shifts in hardware and software development to create quality at an affordable cost. We will change how people think about healthcare. Let’s do it together. Who We Are A long list of generous-spirited, enthusiastic contributors help us make great products. Together we are a formidable innovation engine. Meet our team.