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STAINLESS STEEL MACHINING EXPERT SHIAN-LUNG PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was established in 1985 and specializes in all kinds of turning parts manufacture. Products range include medical machining parts, dental machining parts, electronics machining parts, aerospace machining parts, automotive machining parts, optical machining parts, precision turning parts,...etc. Customer Service: To meet the customer satisfaction, high quality service is very significant in our policy. Our goal is provide the service meeting or exceeding customers expectations. Our Professionalism, Sophistication and Technological predominance in this field give us a priority to be your first choice in all Business Dealings and operations. So we believe we are capable of providing the high quality, fast delivery, and reasonable price service for our customers in the world. Professional manufacturer for precision turning parts Fabrication Process: 1.Review supplied drawings 2.CNC Lathe (Citizen or Nakamura) 3.Quality control 4.Complete run 5.Process order per specifications 6.Final Inspection 7.Ship Order