RenalSense™ is a medical device company dedicated to real-time renal diagnostics.


The founders of RenalSense have long recognized the need for a more sensitive method of monitoring renal function in critically ill patients, in order to detect the risk of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and enable early intervention. We realized that current approaches such as manual and intermittent measurements of urine output, or daily blood tests of kidney function indicators, are unreliable, or too late.


Since 2009, our team of critical care and nephrology specialists has been working closely with our technology experts to develop a reliable, practical, and viable solution to this problem.


Our answer is Clarity RMS™ – an elegant solution that continuously and automatically monitors urine flow for real-time assessment of changes in renal function and detection of AKI risk.


While we continue our ongoing clinical trials and product development, we look forward to launching our product and setting a new gold standard for management of critical care patients. This will facilitate early therapeutic intervention, as well as improved fluid management, for patients at risk of AKI.


Not only will this be game-changing for ICU patient care, we believe it will also significantly improve ICU economics by reducing the need for extended ICU stays due to AKI, dramatically lowering costs, and increasing patient turnover.


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