Quasar Engineering Ltd.

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Company Profile Quasar | Engineer. Manufacture. Deliver. Quasar specializes in manufacturing electronic products for the medical, communication, control, gadget, and other markets, for Israeli and overseas companies, and carries out projects from the development stage up to the series production stage (Turnkey project). The company owns a factory in China which covers 10,000 sq. m. and employees more than 1000 people. Short History Quasar was founded by Boaz Amitai, an electronics engineer and industrialist, who has much experience in development and manufacturing advanced electronic products, and in doing business in the Far East. In 1988 Boaz founded an independent purchasing company in Hong Kong, in order to provide sub contracted purchasing and manufacturing services to Israeli companies. Amongst its clients were Telrad, Tadiran and others. At that time activity in China was possible only through companies based in Hong Kong, and operated in China. In 1992 he decided to establish an independent plant in China, in order to develop an independent manufacturing capability, (that was not dependent on sub contractors), and instill into it accepted western work procedures, and high standards of quality through his direct management. In 2005, Boaz’s son Ayal took over the management, while Boaz as owner, and Chairman of the Board, continues to contribute from his considerable experience.