Porex Technologies GmbH

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Company Profile About us Porex Corporation, founded in 1961 and based in Fairburn, GA, USA is a leading OEM developer and manufacturer of advanced porous plastic materials, porous PTFE, glass fiber, porous polymer fiber, Certified Pure Porex™ media and functionalized and bio-activated porous materials. Serving the healthcare and bioscience end markets, Porex materials are design optimized for use in exacting medical surgical applications and in demanding clinical science, liquid handling, molecular and microfluidic applications from single use cassettes to highly automated instrument and equipment platforms. Porex’s unique configurations, complex three-dimensional structures and consistent performance help deliver precision, accuracy and reliability in challenging filtration, fluid management, separation, extraction, and purification procedures. Porex’s smart enabling, pure, robust and cost efficient materials are easy to handle and can be device inserted using common techniques as press fitting, heat staking and ultrasonic welding. So when performance, consistency, scalability and certified purity are required, partner with Porex and see for yourself why POREX products are the standard of material excellence that can support your next product innovation and turn ideas into reality. Downloads: History Tree Porex History Tree Poster