Petermann GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of aids for patient transfer and nursing care worldwide. We offer a wide range of repositioning and transfer aids, bath lifts, ceiling lift and wheelchair scales: Sliding Mats Transfer Sheets Raising and Lifting Aids XXL-Products Aids fort he Daily Care Sliding Boards PEM Disposable Sliding Foil Rollboards Evacuation Sheet Bathlifts Ceiling Lift Wheelchair Scales At our locations in Watzerath in Rhineland-Palatine and Dombühl in Franconia, almost twenty employees continuously work on the advancement and optimization of caregiving aids and transfer systems, including complete caregiving concepts. Petermann GmbH utilizes ideas and modern production engineering to implement customer demands for highest quality for optimum safety in caregiving. During daily workshops and seminars, the professional advisory staff at Petermann conveys their knowledge about how to provide daily caregiving in a back-friendly manner to nursing staff employed by nursing homes or home health care services.