Person Medical Co., Ltd.

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CEO Greeting Great thankful for visiting the website of the PERSON Medical Co., Ltd. We have provided the 10-kind of high pressure steam sterillzers, 4-kind of E.T.O Gas Sterillzers, 4-kind of electronic tourniquets to the markets of domestic and over-sea from the year of 2002. All the products were designed 100% autonomously and manufactured under the quality policy of "Endless product development for Quality Improvement and Service providing for Customer satisfaction". Major products were certified from the CE and All products were certified from the ISO 13485, GMP and kept and managed the best quality system. All the employees of PERSON MEDICAL Co., Ltd. have declared and promised that we will focus on the one customer who has felt compliant than ninety nine customer who has felt the satisfaction and will be always ready to run to you. Thanks again for your believe and interest!