Palodex Group OY

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Company Palodex Group Oy is an export company for health technology. The company was founded in 1964 to manufacture and commercialize a panoramic radiography imaging method that was a revolutionary invention of its time. Based on his invention, Professor Yrjö V. Paatero built the first functional device as early as 1964, and after several improved prototypes and continued product development in collaboration with Mr. Timo Nieminen, M.Sc. (Tech.). A device named ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® was born to conquer the world. Today Palodex Group designs, manufactures, sells and markets high-quality devices and solutions for dentomaxillofacial, ENT (ear, nose and throat) and head and neck imaging for a demanding global customer base. Despite being part of the US based Danaher Corporation, our roots are deeply seated in Finland where we have a long history and strong know-how. Palodex Group Oy’s headquarters are located in Tuusula, Finland. Our modern manufacturing facility is the largest high-level know-how unit specializing in manufacturing dental, craniomaxillofacial and ENT imaging devices in the world. We have approximately 400 imaging professionals in our service. Our operations are guided by the philosophy of continuous improvement. We have applied Lean practices throughout the 2000s, and currently we are one of Finland’s leading Lean pioneers and benchmark businesses. In addition to manufacturing, we have a large product development department with modern and agile product development methods. Our customer pool consists of healthcare professionals, such as dentists, oral surgeons, radiologists, ear, nose and throat specialists, and X-ray nurses. Well-designed devices are not compromises but they fulfil every user’s high expectations. We continue to collaborate with professionals in the field to include user experience and feedback into our product development as effectively as possible.