OxyHeal Health Group We are unique in that we are a vertically integrated wound care and hyperbaric medicine service company. Each member of the OxyHeal Health Group focuses on and excels at one specific aspect of the wound care and hyperbaric medicine business continuum: OxyHeal Health Group, Inc – Provides full service management, operation, and medical team staffing of Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Centers at medical centers and physician practice group settings anywhere in the United States, and including certain locations worldwide. OHG contracts under a variety of responsibilities and profit sharing arrangements including full capitalization of hyperbaric facilities at risk reimbursement scenarios under long term exclusive full service partnerships and joint ventures. All agreements include definitive marketing and advertising service plus financial management of each medical department and operation. OxyHeal Medical Systems, Inc. – Creates, designs, engineers, and manufactures all types and styles of both monoplace and multi-patient (multiplace) hyperbaric and diving medical systems and all their associated support systems. Additionally maintains architects and engineers to produce drawings and plans to construct all aspects of wound and hyperbaric medical equipment in Hospitals and Health Care Centers. Finally, OMS maintains project managers, construction teams, and contract managers to undertake the actual construction of the Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Facilities for hospital and health care facilities. OxyHeal University, Inc. – Maintains teams of Wound Healing and / or Hyperbaric Medicine physicians, nurses (CHRN), and Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT) specialists that offer customized wound healing and hyperbaric medicine and physiology training and education leading to appropriate certifications and continued medical education credits. OU additionally conducts medical education seminars and outreach campaigns to further the understanding of Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine. OU also invests its assets and staff to conduct hyperbaric clinical research, including cellular, animal and human trials. OxyHeal Tunneling Group, Inc. - OTG provides experienced and certified industrial experts for the Earth-Pressure-Balance (EPB) Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) industry. OTG services include staffing, consulting, and manufacturing TBM manlocks and transfer-under-pressure expertise for safe decompression protocols for hyperbaric interventions for inspection and repair of TBM cutter heads.