Transport hyperbaric chamber OxyHeal 9000-1, OxyHeal S-200 OxyHeal

Transport hyperbaric chamber OxyHeal 9000-1, OxyHeal S-200 OxyHeal
OxyHeal 9000-1, OxyHeal S-200

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The OxyHeal® 9000-1 (aka OxyHeal® S-200) series of chambers consist of two chambers that make up the S-200 Transportable Recompression Chamber System (TRCS) - The Transportable Recompression Chamber (TRC) and the Transfer Lock (TL). These chambers are specifically designed to provide a transport capability for diving accidents and recompression use only. Both systems are equipped with NATO STANAG flanges, for mating to suitably equipped multiplace chambers to allow for transfer under pressure. The TRC can be used independently of the TL as the backbone of an emergency response capability or, if used in remote locations, the TL can be mated to the TRC to provide an entry lock to allow staff to enter and exit the TRC during extended treatments. The TRC can accommodate a patient and attendant and the TL can accommodate one occupant. The OxyHeal® S-200 series chambers are designed, fabricated, assembled, inspected, tested, and certified in accordance with the Safety Standards for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (PVHO).
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