Oscare Medical Oscare Medical develops, manufactures and markets a unique device, OsCare Sono™, for the early detection of osteoporosis. OsCare Sono™ is based on measuring the speed of ultrasound in the forearm radius bone and it provides an easy, safe and cost effective means to screen for osteoporosis and osteopenia. The low ultrasound frequency used provides a good correlation with cortical thickness, bone mineral density and elasticity of the bone.

The bidirectional measurement and operational logic help to eliminate the effect of soft tissue, resulting in a reliable measurement. Osteoporosis screening with OsCare Sono™ can conveniently take place for example in health centers, private clinics, gynecologist or orthopedist offices or pharmacies. Osteoporosis is a silent progressive disease that goes often unnoticed before a bone fracture, affecting almost 30 million people in the EU countries alone. The OsCare Sono™ device was granted a CE mark in late 2013. Oscare Medical is present in several European markets and is currently looking for new distributors to expand its sales network in Europe. Please agree on an appointment if you are interested in co-operation.