OSATU,S.Coop. company profile OSATU S. COOP. is one of the 100 companies that belongs to MCC (Mondragon Coorporative Corporation). We produce electro-medical equipment, specializing in defibrillator, which we have been producing since 1980. We have the quality norm ISO 9001 and the CE seal of approval. Since the origins, Osatu S. Coop. has been engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of electromedical equipment in the cardiology field.

Thus, in the past our company was manufacturer of electrocardiographs,monitors and defibrillators. At present the company is absorbed in an accelerated specialization process in thedefibrillation field, and as a result Osatu S. Coop. only manufactures monitordefibrillators, defibrillators and AEDs. Nowadays Osatu S. Coop. is a deeplyinternationalized company, with presencein 5 continents and more than 100 countries.

Range of products: REANIBEX 200 AED Defibrillator REANIBEX 300AED / Manual override option REANIBEX 500 AED with manual override REANIBEX Serie 700 Monitor Defibrillator with options such as AED, Pacemaker, SpO2,... REANIBEX Serie 800 Multiparameter Monitor Defibrillatorwith options such as AED, Pacemaker, SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, IBP, TEMP, Interpretation For more information, please visit www.bexencardio.com