About us OPT SurgiSystems is an Italian brand and manufacturer of operating tables and OR accessories of the highest quality. OPT’s production and headquarters are located in Calliano (Trento), Italy. For more than 90 years the company has improved the patient’s quality of life by manufacturing ideal electro-medical high-end equipment. The long experience in this field leads to the creation of medical devices designed for the global market and able to meet the needs of healthcare professionals all over the world and facilitate their work. The company manufactures products, which confronts themselves with state-of-the-art global surgery. We satisfy the clinical needs with our technological, innovative devices designed with the highest reliability. As a result OPT SurgiSystems is one of the leaders on the national and international markets and is constantly working on its development and perfection. Close collaboration with the surgical world and attention to each detail is an essential part of our final success.