OHK Medical Devices Inc. is a privately held Medical Devices Company, manufacturing and selling innovative products for orthopedic and vascular surgery and for emergency medicine. Its core patent-protected technology is a line of single-use devices for quick and effective displacement of blood from the limbs and blocking its re-entry.

OHK’s surgical products – the HemaClear® – are sterile and are widely used to create a bloodless surgical field. Around 1 million procedures have been performed with the HemaClear® on all 5 continents with excellent acceptance by users. HemaClear® is endorsed by key opinion leaders in leading adult and pediatric medical centers in North and South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

OHK recently launched its EED product line for use in Emergency Medicine, where it auto-transfuses a patient’s own blood from the limbs into central circulation, during severe shock and during CPR.