Manual sterile tourniquet OHK Medical Devices

Manual sterile tourniquet OHK Medical Devices
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HemaClear is the first self-contained, sterile, exsanguinating tourniquet that creates a bloodless field in seconds. HemaClear performs three functions: blood removal (exsanguination), arterial flow occlusion, and automatic application of the sterile stockinet. HemaClear replaces traditional devices, completely eliminating the need for a tourniquet machine, tourniquet cuff, Esmarch bandage, Webril™ and a stockinet. Perhaps most advantageous of all, from a logistics point of view, HemaClear is self-contained and requires absolutely no connections or power source. The surgeon simply places the ring on the fingers (or toes) of the patient and then pulls the handles proximally. The silicone ring rolls up the limb while the stockinet sleeve covers it, exerting enough pressure to squeeze all the blood out and then block it at the occlusion site. Once applied, HemaClear becomes a sterile, single-use tourniquet that provides the surgeon with a much larger surgical field with greater visibility, enhancing both performance and outcome.
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