O'Brien Dental Lab Inc

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O'Brien Dental Lab! Whether you're a 30-year veteran practitioner or a first-year dentist, we want you to know, we're here as your partner for Successful Dentistry.It's an exciting time in this age of dentistry. Research and development have computers, tools and technology that are making advances never imagined only ten years ago. We are delighted by the choices that we are now able to give to you and your patients. And we are proud to be part of the teamwork that goes into achieving results that are more functional and aesthetically appealing than ever before. It takes a keen eye to spot the possibilities. Some are found in our own backyard, others come from countries around the world. Many technologies have been adapted from other industries and applied in new ways to dentistry over the years. Following are examples of our leadership in bringing new ideas to fruition in our own laboratory.