Japan Precision Instruments Inc. (Nihon Seimitsu Sokki Co.,Ltd) was founded in 1950, has grown in the field of development and manufacturing of precision measuring, in the sense of the trade name. Superior technologies and excellent quality management cultivated in the 60 years history are the greatest assets that we are proud of. In 1996, all the group companies were authorized as designated factories of ISO-9001, the international quality assuarance standards, and have been making effort to improve quality management systems.

Our most advanced technologies for the products development has high reputation and performance, being generally admitted to be ranks with the best in the world, especially as the original equipment manufacture of the household sphygmomanometers. A red heart, designed for the company logo, implies both physical and spiritual hearts. It symbolizes that the company to be sphygmomanometers manufacturer. And furthermore, we believe that making products with all our hearts is the most important for the manufacturers. Our line of products being loved and supported by many people in the world, that is just the thing we are wishing for.