Motloid/Yates & Bird

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Yates Motloid has been providing solutions to the dental lab market segment for over 50 years. All products have been developed, manufactured, tested, approved and used by many of the leading dental schools and labs throughout the world. Yates Motloid is ISO CERTIFIED 9001:2008 In accordance with ISO 13485:2008 requirements. Our products address a variety of needs including gels for protecting the gums during the teeth whitening process. Cold Pac tooth acrylic, used in temporary crown and bridge applications, is rated one of the best by a study at The University of Michigan. We offer a unique separating material as well as state of the art tungsten steel burs, waxes for all applications, buffing and burnishing compounds, acrylics for denture & repair in a variety of shades, welders, platers, soldering machines and a wide variety of other accessories.Whatever the need Yates Motloid has the solution. All Yates Motloid products are the result of scientific study and extensive field testing meeting or exceeding FDA standards and requirements. All products can be purchased through our extensive network of worldwide distributors, purchased on line, or you can contact one of our sales technicians to help address your particular needs at 800 662 5021. At Yates Motloid, customer satisfaction is the number one priority. 50 plus years of providing quality products to our worldwide customer base has helped create our reputation for world class quality and service. We have a solution focused team of professionals dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial partnership with our customers and suppliers.