ABOUT US A child’s diabetes diagnosis often turns the family’s life upside down. Recognising this concern, we want to make everyday life easier for diabetics, so that they can achieve a good balance of care as easily as possible. Modz Oy develops and manufactures easy-to-use, motivating products and services for diabetic self-care. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations with our precisely targeted, advanced products, which we develop in co-operation with healthcare specialists, with a keen ear for the needs of diabetics and their families. Our team consists of innovative, hard-working professionals, and our work is based on our three key values: Understanding: We understand the needs of diabetics and their families and healthcare professionals. Success: Our products are innovative and high-quality. Positivity: MODZ makes you smile! With a MODZ in your pocket, you are part of a community whose key goal is your well-being. Rovio, Elisa and Golla are involved in supporting our work. The meter features Rovio’s Angry Birds characters, we use Elisa’s SIM cards for data transfer, and the meter and its accessories are kept in Golla bags. A Finnish health technology company, Modz Oy develops products and services to motivate self-care, in co-operation with users and specialists. Quality and reliability are guaranteed by our CE-marked products and ISO 13485 and 14791 quality system-compliant operating methods. The company was established in 2009, and our work has received a great deal of international recognition.