Blood glucose meter MODZ Modz Oy

Blood glucose meter MODZ Modz Oy

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MODZ is a motivational diabetes management system that consists of MODZ blood glucose meter, MODZ measuring sticks and information management. Managing information with MODZ is easy: MODZ blood glucose meter sends test results automatically as a text message to a mobile phone and wirelessly to MODZweb. MODZweb is a service on the Internet, where all test results and the carbohydrate contents of meals as well as sports exercises logged in the meter will be stored. There’s no need for wires or software, but you can find all information whenever you want with any device that has access to the Internet. MODZ IN BRIEF Two user profiles to choose from: with or without test reminders. Two user interface options: MOODZ or Angry Birds. Reminds the user of tests by images, music and vibration. The strip slot LED facilitates use in the dark. Indicates the results by numbers, expressions and colours as well as speech, music or whistling. Rewards the user for good test results with new reminder images. Requests a control test after an excessively low or high result. Enables quick review of the results directly on the meter in list, bar chart, pie chart and average views. Sends the test results to the selected recipient as a text message. Stores the results along with carbohydrate and exercise entries wirelessly in the MODZweb service.
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