MEDiCooL Inc

Endorse Company
Since 1986 the Medicool Corporation, located in the Southern California City of Torrance, has been manufacturing and distributing patented travel cases that can keep insulin and other injectable medications cool for up to 16 hours. The Medicool Insulin Protector™ Case and ProtectAll™ Case are considered by many diabetes educators to be the most rugged and reliable travel cases available for people who have temperature concerns while transporting their insulin. Both cases have molded cooling trays, which have occasionally been modified to fit the newest sized medication bottles and injector pens requiring cool temperatures. In 1993 Medicool introduced additional styles of diabetic travel cases, both with and without temperature controlling elements, along with other diabetic and health related products customers had been requesting. Medicool has continued to expand its entire product line, and now either distributes or manufactures a range of products for both the Health and for the Beauty Industries.