Medi-Khan Inc

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Medi-Khan Inc. is dedicated to marketing and distributing the proprietarily patented products based on autologous fat tissue engineering and science like Lipokit, an all-in-one closed system for enriched autologous fat transfer, MaxStem for real-time isolation of Adipose-dervied stem cells, Filler-Geller for autologous fat fillers and adipose-tissue derived scaffolds. All of our medical devices are based on the creative ideas, inventions, research and development by HY Lee, MD, a Korean plastic surgeon and scientist, and his skilled and experienced R&D team. Medi-Khan Inc. was established in California, USA in December of 2007. The back ground of our major medical technologies are originated from over 15 year skilled experiences and know-hows of Medikan Co., Ltd. in Korea in bio-medical engineering & science technology.HY Lee, MD & Scientist and Research Team provide a scientific research and experimental data base on the new medical devices invented and developed by Dr. HY Lee and medical engineers of Medikan Co., Ltd., Korea. His research laboratory is equipped with a variety of scientific experimental equipment and testing machines including stem cell isolation & counting machines as well as a clean in vivo nude mice testing room.