Mcube Technology Co., Ltd. Thank you for your visiting our company's home page in sincerity. I am so pleased to meet you through internet, and have an opportunity to introduce our company. Our company has started the business as a formal corporation in 1999, to expand the marketing range with competitive products in the medical appliances market. Mcube Technology is a venture company established by research institutes & medical engineering experts who have excellent experiences in up-to-date medical fields such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI), electric urinary incontinence treatment system, and infrared thermography system, etc. We have developed new-concept medical devices such as extracorporeal magnetic stimulation system for non-surgical therapy and treatment of urinary incontinence during a short period, which are installed and are being operated in over 150 hospitals after passing clinical investigations in the famous domestic hospitals. What the results of research and development, Mcube Technology's extracorporeal magnetic stimulation system was selected as one of the Korean World-class Products by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2002, and the company has acquired a Korean Excellent Technology (KT) Mark from the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2002. In the medical appliances market which is changing very rapidly, we cannot compete with global gigantic companies if without new ideas and advanced technologies. Mcube Technology is continuously devoting all of its efforts to develop advanced technologies and new concept medical device for human welfare. We will appreciate all your consideration and encouragement. Thank you very much.