Portable ultrasound bladder scanner BioCon™-500 MCube Technology

Portable ultrasound bladder scanner BioCon™-500 MCube Technology

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BioCon-500TM is a portable ultrasound system intended to measure the volume of urine in a patient’s bladder. BioCon-500TM transmits ultrasound signals into the abdomen of a patient and receives the echoed signals. Using the echoed signals, the system determines the bladder’s outline and calculates the volume of the bladder based on the outline. BioCon-500TM has a Pre-Scan function, which shows a live ultrasound image of a horizontal planar cross-section of the bladder found by using the echoed signals. The Pre-Scan function helps in locating the bladder and improving accuracy. A user can print the results using a built-in thermal printer immediately after measurements are taken. Also using the optional CubeScanPC software, one can upload saved data in a device’s flash ROM to a computer for later review of the images.
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