SOMSO was founded 1876 in Sonneberg / Thuringia. For more than 130 years SOMSO Models are appreciated and respected world-wide by acknowleged experts as a highly instructive and attractive teaching tool. Our models reflect quality that passes the tests for scientific accuracy, paintwork, function, durability and materials.

Apart from scientific criteria the esthetic expressions on SOMSO Modelle are important additions to enhance the effect of good models. "Nature is our Model" is our essetial concept for the realistic transformation of nature into a model. The words SOMSO and SOMSO-Plast®, the SOMSO Sun as well as the green plinth for the anatomical, zoological and botanical models are national and international registered trademarks of Messrs.

Marcus Sommer SOMSO Modelle GmbH. The color green of the stands, boards, bases and base plates is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by a color mark. Over and above this the more than 1000 anatomical, zoological and botanical models are protected by copyright.