Lone Oak Medical Technologies LLC

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Lone Oak Medical Technologies Lone Oak Medical Technologies, LLC. was founded for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing, and servicing the accudxa2® bone density measuring device, thereby significantly broadening citizen access to BMD screening and osteoporosis risk assessment worldwide. The accudxa2® is a lightweight (11.8 kg), compact (0.03 m3), and easy-to-use bone mineral densitometer that scans a patient’s middle finger (intermediate phalange) and reports results in minutes. The accudxa2® utilizes super-accurate Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA), the gold standard in bone mineral densitometry. Unlike its larger and vastly more expensive cousin, the central DXA, the accudxa2® is highly affordable and non-invasive. Scan results are reported digitally on the device’s touch screen and include BMD, BMC, T-score, and Z-score values (which are key factors in assessing a patient’s overall fracture risk). Accudxa2® scan results can also be printed from the unit using commercially-available printers. Bone mineral density screening couldn't be easier. The founding members of Lone Oak have a long history of success in this and related fields, with the accudxa2® design team having previously designed the i-CAT® cone beam CAT scanner for dentistry, a related and first-of-its-kind product. In addition, Lone Oak is actively engaged in research leading to improvements in peripheral BMD measurement. Unlike its most similar peripheral DXA competitors, the accudxa2® comes as a compact, self-contained unit that does not require the attachment of external PC drives, keyboards, or screens to achieve functionality, nor a separate lift assembly to move the device into position for screening. While the accudxa2® and its most similar competitors boast impressive and comparable precision and accuracy attributes, the accudxa2® is half the weight and a third the size of its most similar competitors: it is simply the most portable peripheral DXA device on the market today. The accudxa2® also features a lower effective radiation dose than either of its closest competitors, which produce effective radiation doses 500 to 250,000 times that of the accudxa2®. As an added plus, the accudxa2® requires no installation – simply place it on a lab bench or table, plug it into a wall receptacle, turn it on, and the device is ready to go.