Lode, the standard in Ergometry Since Mr. Freerk Lode produced the first electromagnetically braked bicycle ergometer in 1952, accuracy, reliability and durability have formed the basis for all further developments. Whereas Lode BV initially only specialised in the field of cardiology and pulmonary function, it has since grown to become a multifunctional specialist in the complete spectrum of medical ergometry. Lode is world renowned as a manufacturer of high quality ergometers and the Lode brand stands for accuracy, durability and ergonomic design. The range of Lode products varies from bicycle and treadmill ergometers to arm ergometers, recumbent ergometers, supine ergometers and ergometry software.

Thanks to Lode’s many years of experience in production of medical ergometers and the continuous development to meet changing market demands, Lode is a flexible and reliable partner. In consultation with clients, specific ideas and requirements can be translated into a custom-made product. This has resulted in Lode also becoming a much requested supplier for various specialised ergometry projects. Before leaving the factory all Lode ergometers are dynamically calibrated and, of course, all units are produced under the strictest quality control conditions. Lode is ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 and FDA certified and fulfils the EU Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC. Over years of use, service costs are almost negligible. In other words: Lode, the standard in Ergometry.