Treadmill 0.1 ? 12 km/h | Valiant 2 rehab XL Lode

Treadmill 0.1 ? 12 km/h | Valiant 2 rehab XL Lode
0.1 ? 12 km/h | Valiant 2 rehab XL

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Modern designed treadmill specifically designed for rehabilitation. It can be used as stand alone device, but also be controlled by external equipment. The low step-up height makes the treadmill perfectly suitable for all test subjects in the field of cardiology, rehabilitation and pulmonary function. The emergency stop with magnetic lanyard on the standard front handrail provides additional safety for the user. The Valiant 2 rehab offers a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0,1 – 12 km/h (0.06 – 7.5 mph). The treadmill can be controlled with the optional control unit or by external equipment. Thanks to the unique low design of the cover plate it is possible to place a mirror or camera in front of the treadmill which makes it easier to monitor the gait of the test subject. The Valiant 2 rehab XL has a standard running surface of 60 x 170 cm.
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