Ergometer exercise bike Excalibur Sport Lode

Ergometer exercise bike Excalibur Sport Lode
Excalibur Sport

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The new and improved Excalibur Sport ergometer is a renowned world and gold benchmark in ergometry. Its proven accuracy and reliability more than meets the current sports medicine and research requirements. Athletes over the years have become stronger and faster and the Excalibur Sport can match up with the most extreme requirements of athletes reaching up to 2500 watt! Its design allows increased adjustability, versatile positioning and guarantees maximum stability during high workloads. During exercise, the Excalibur Sport's built-in modified gauge technology measures forces exerted on the pedals through angle detection. Plus, independent measurements of forces in its left and right cranks are possible. Finally, wireless transmission, through LEM and LEM PFM software, measures applied forces relaying data to the PC by blue tooth.
Zernikepark 16,
9747 AN Groningen
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