GYNEAS : THE EUROPEAN REFERENCE OF GYNECOLOGY&OBSTETRICS The Gyneas Laboratories are experts in: Medical gynaecology: functional exploration, sampling, vulvar biopsy, contraceptive implants, pessaries, endometrial biopsy, proctology, colposcopy, artificial insemination. Obstetrics: PROM diagnostic tests, detection of foetal pulse, antenatal screening, intra-uterine pressure, amnioscopy, delivery rooms, medical packs, gynaecological care, paracervical anaesthesia, endouterine aspiration. Treatment of the cervix: cervical electrodes, coagulation electrodes, speculums with a light. Medical imagery: thermal paper, protective covers for scans, echo gel (contact gel), hysterography, hysterosalpingography, senology. Metal instruments: disposable or reusable. Diagnosis:

Diagnostic tests, sampling, tests (ovulation, pregnancy), thermometers, tensiometers, stethoscopes. Other medical devices: dressing kits, specialized kits,... . THE MOST REFERENT PRODUCTS OF GYNECOLOGY We offer the most referent products of gynecology which are designed and built by GYNEAS: pessaries : Gyn&Cube cervix biopsy forceps : Gyn&Push screening for loss of amniotic fluid: Amniodetect vacuum extractor : Icup contraceptive implant : Femcap implant insertion kit, implant removal kit other devices... ANTICIPATE THE NEEDS OF PRACTITIONERS In order to always anticipate the needs of practitioners, GYNEAS can be based on: - skills and motivation of its staff, including many care and health professionals - strength, structure and growth of the NOVOMED GROUP