Vaginal speculum / Cusco / single use ø 20 mm | 01.200 Gyneas

Vaginal speculum / Cusco / single use ø 20 mm | 01.200 Gyneas
ø 20 mm | 01.200

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Cusco speculum XS 20 mm is disposable and sterile with a white barrette. INNOVATION GYNEAS are having new lengths and longer valves. The speculum enhances the patient’s comfort. It is a single use device with softer contact due to its rounded edge. Some of its features include: No metallic sound instead it has silent manipulation. Practitioner can get the best transparency and versatile security screw equipped with quick locking. Color of barrette for each model is different in order to facilitate its identification. The speculum is available in 6 sizes to perfectly adapt to individual patient’s morphologies. The sterilization and expiry dates of the product are disclosed on each pouch. Carton contains 100 units with each speculum packed in individual pouch. It is disposable and sterile with sterilization of Ethylene oxide. Speculum is of white color has diameter 20mm, length 108mm and size Virgin XS.
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