Kunshan Zhangsheng Nano Tech Co., Ltd.

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About us Kunshan ZhangSheng NaNo Tech Company (ZHANGSHENG)is one of the best parylene coating center in P.R. China, who devoted in pushing the parylene more popular and more acceptable to the customer.  Parylene is a polymeric coating material which can be applied from the gas phase in vacuum. This unique parylene coating process, conducted at ambient temperatures, produces thin layers of polymer having superb uniformity and continuity. Since 1963, Parylene have been found in more and more applications including: Printed circuit boards, cores, Rubbers, other Electromechanical devices, which is used widely in Aerospace, Military, Electronic, Medical area. The main advantage that make ZHANGSHENG ahead of our competition is the parylene people, ZhangSheng have the specific expertise including Ph.D. Material science, Chemist analysis, Senior Device engineer, Market Specialists, and university collaborations. All of the people allow ZhangSheng to further enhance Parylene technology Knowing more about the surface character of your products that will coated with parylene, developing a better coating process, adding with our just-in-time services, equipment and dimmer, we can always provide satisfactory solution for the customer.With our reliable quality assurance and cost-control system, all of the best quality and service can be provided at attractive prices. As the assembly has become smaller, it needs more protection. Parylene is Your best choice to any product that’s going to see the environment.