Kreg Information Systems

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Kreg Information Systems is a proven leader in healthcare decision support systems. These systems provide today's healthcare professionals with solutions to a variety of strategic and operational problems brought about by the nature of healthcare today. Kreg's enterprise-wide systems produce accurate, timely, and cost effective results, year in and year out, for hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country. Kreg Information Systems deploys an innovative technology that produces the fastest return on investment in the industry. Kreg backs its systems with a world-class team of experienced professionals who deliver today the solutions for tomorrow's problems. Clients choose from either running a turnkey system, or outsource the service by having Kreg run the systems and produce monthly information packages for them, with little or no effort required by the client. That way, the client can focus on making decisions from the data, not on making decisions about how to process the data.Kreg's Enterprise-Wide Decision Support Systems address a variety of critical financial and strategic planning functions. The systems include: Contract Management, Cost Accounting, Product-Line Management, and Budgeting/Reporting. EnterpriseVision, Kreg's executive information system, distributes both Kreg and legacy system information throughout the enterprise using internet technology.