KeyMedical Software Inc

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KeyMedical's Practice Management Suite is the 20-year evolution of four physician information systems which as been refined and updated to accommodate today's physician practices. Combining the most up-to-date computer architecture with the ease of the Internet, this program is designed to run on the Microsoft Windows XP/7 platform and built to help safeguard confidential patient information, KeyMedical Software offers the most effective and economical Physician Practice Management software available.By automating tasks such as prescription writing, referral letters, chart pulls, transcription and coding, your office will be able to add more appointments to the schedule without having to increase staff.By eliminating paper charts, you will save money. "The cost of supporting a paper-based office can exceed $50,000 per year per provider."Based on the exam documentation created by the technician and physician, KeyChart will recommend the appropriate eye code and E&M code for the visit. This will keep the practice from under coding exams (the national average of how much a physician will under code is approximately $40,000 per year per physician.) KeyChart allows the physician to have electronic access to a patient's chart through a virtual private network (VPN) from a remote satellite office, home, the hospital, while on vacation, or wherever he may be where he would want to access the patient's medical record.