Juzo is over 100 years old, but we like to think of ourselves as being 100 years young. We’ve accomplished quite a bit during the past 10 decades, including many industry “firsts,” such as switching from woven to knitted fabrics, adding silver fibers to our garments, and incorporating computer technology into our production processes.


From our very first factory bought in 1912, to our U.S. expansion in the 1940s, to developing latex-free fabrics in the 1960s, to installing a wind turbine and solar panels as part of our green initiative, Juzo has led the industry in product innovation and customer satisfaction.

Annerose Zorn, CEO of Juzo, feels that “continuous support from our employees, dealers, and medical partners has helped a great deal to make our company successful—without them, there is no company. We’ve earned their trust and support through our product expertise and quality craftsmanship. It’s about attention to detail. If a stocking sits in a drawer [because it’s not comfortable to wear], it’s not going to help anyone.”