SMB BEDSIDE HOSPITAL INFOTAINMENT, MONITOR ARM & TELEHEALTH ITI is a Manufacturer and Integration Service Provider ITI is experienced in IT devices Development, Design, Manufacturing for health IT hardwareand softwareindustries. ITI develops medical IT technology into clinics and homes. Products/Solution - SMB Hospital Android Smart TV (15.6", 18.5" Touch Screen and, 22", 32", 42" HealthCare FacilityLED terminal) SMB is perfect for patient bedside, dialysis clinics, emergency rooms and specialty care facilities with swing arm mount. - SMB PatientCare Solution provides Streaming, User Cognitive Function, Tier Control, Hospital/Clinic Application Support, Billing, VOD and Contents Management. Added on features of RFID/NFC built-in, Nurse Call, Patient monitoring, VoIP - SMB Remote Patient Monitoring Solution Remote Healthcare Monitoring solution for chronic disease management Make self-monitoring easier - SMB Swivel hinge ARM Suspension Swivel Hinge arm mount allows patients easily to position terminal for maximum viewing comfort and easy installation since the year 2005 - installed 60,000 beds worldwide - 10 years experience Also has owned - LCD TV manufacturing facility in China History Released 2000. 04 Hospital terminal for VOD supporting MPEG2 2005. 02 SMB terminal (15") for MPEG2 2006. 03 SMB terminal SMB 1000 (15") for IPTV H.264 2006. 10 Hybrid SMB terminal (15") SMB streaming server Solution 2007. 04 SMB built-in RFID and Wireless Network (802.11n) 2008. 06 SMB1000 Windows OS Terminal, SMB-A100 (Swivel Hinge ARM -patented) 2010. 10 SMB TeleHealth, Remote patient Monitoring System 2011. 01 SMB Middleware Server, CMS/ Billing and Management, SMB Android OS Terminal 2012. 11 SMB Smart AndroidOS (4.2) TV 2013. 10 SMB Smart Media Table Terminal