ISIS Medical Solutions LLC

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Medical Solutions, LLC is a wholesaler of pre-owned critical care equipment. On the buying side, our focus is on purchasing pre-owned Infusion Devices, Monitors, SCD's, and Respiratory Equipment. We source from the Hospitals, Home Healthcares, and Alternate Care Facilities through out the United States to make these acquisitions. On the selling side our main specialty is in Respiratory Devices, such as Ventilators, Bi Paps, C Paps, and Pulse Oximeters. We also deal in Infusion Devices, Monitors, and SCD's. Our customer base is in the Hospital, Home Healthcare, Veterinarian, and Foreign Market. As of recently, ISIS Medical Solutions, LLC is now RENTING: Portable Ventilators, Bi PAPs, CPAPs, Pulse Oximeters, Infusion Pumps, and Sequential Compression Devices. Please contact us if you are interested in a Month to Month or Yearly contract. We are eager to see if we can meet your needs.