About us For over 35 years INTERNATIONAL BIOMEDICAL has been designing and manufacturing solutions for infant and pediatric patients for leading hospitals and transport teams around the world. Our passion is developing revolutionary products and technologies that result in the best outcomes for critically ill infants and their families. AIRBORNE are our infant and pediatric transport systems for in-house, ambulance and aircraft transport. These customized solutions begin with a selection of standard products that may be modified and combined to meet different transport environments. INTERNATIONAL BIOMEDICAL hasdesigned thePowder-Free Radiation Attenuating Glove to provide increased protection from direct x-ray beam and scattered radiation. These gloves are suitable for reducing harmful radiation exposure during any procedure requiring the use of fluoroscopy. At only .007in thick, the glove offers superior performance and dexterity over the thicker, conventional radiation attenuating surgical gloves. Lead-free, powder-free, and natural latex-free.