Company Profile Serion Immundiagnostica GmbH Serion Immundiagnostica GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of in vitro diagnostics with almost 30 years experience on the international market. Our product range includes high quality test systems for the detection of infectious diseases which we supply via a global network of distributors. Our product range includes: SERION ELISA classic : are qualitative and quantitative immunoassays in serum and plasma samples against a comprehensive range of viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens (> 100 different tests). Special validation of certain tests for use with CSF-and neonatal samples. Avidity Reagents for Toxoplasma / Rubella / CMV. SERION ELISA antigen : quantitative detection of antigens in serum samples. SERION ELISA control : positive controls for use with SERION ELISA classic and antigen testing. Immunomat: ELISA processors for fully automated processing of all SERION ELISA classic and antigen tests. Multianalyt™: using the multianalyte ™ multiplex technology, a quantitative simultaneous determination of several parameters is possible in one test. These tests are analyzed using flow cytometry. CFT: reagents for complement fixation (> 50 different pathogens) The new business line Serion Immunologics The new business line Serion Immunologics is offering you a full service for all components of the ELISA kit production. Our services for you: Serion Immunologics antigen production: We handle the complex antigen production for you. Serion Immunologics ELISA plate coating: A full automated production line for ELISA coating and vacuum packing is ready for your batch production. Serion Immunologics plasma, sera and antigens: On our online trading platform we are offering you a wide range of plasma, sera and antigens. Serion Immunologics OEM service: We are manufacturing ELISA components based on your order. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth D92 in Hall 3 and the opportunity to inform you about our extensive product range.