Innomed’s profile - development, manufacturing and sales of medical devices - remained unchanged for the past more than 20 years, since it’s foundation in 1989. Currently over 130 people are employed by Innomed, nearly half of them in the Budapest headquarter that houses the product development institute, management, sales and service department. Our factory is located in Esztergom.

Our philosophy is to be flexible for our customers both in terms of product development and services. We keep reinvesting a considerable part of our profit in upgrading and development (together with external sources such as successful development tenders) in order to keep our portfolio up-to-date.

Our key product groups are cardiology and radiology. We offer full range of ECG devices, defibrillators, patient monitors. Innomed is one of the few manufacturers of x-ray generators in the world, and is also capable of providing complete radiology solutions. Apart from our own developed products we have also shouldered the representation of some key medical products.