Company Profile Oxygen onsite INMATEC is a world-leading company in the innovation, development, design and production of air separation units for the self-generation of oxygen O2 and nitrogen N2 for medical and industrial applications. Its strengths lie in series production as well as in the construction of special plant and it enjoys an established reputation. INMATEC stands out particularly due to its flexibility and certified technical expertise as well as with its stringent company philosophy: "MADE IN GERMANY". INMATEC PSA oxygen generators are particularly suitable for the cost-effective production of oxygen with a purity of up to 99.5%. Purified compressed air flows through the adsorption containers in the pressure swing adsorption process. A specially purified zeolite binds the nitrogen molecules and the oxygen molecules can pass unhindered. Carbon dioxide is also bound so that it is not contained in the oxygen produced. Pure oxygen gas then flows into the product tank. The pure oxygen obtained can then be immediately used in the production process. Manufacturer, oxygen generator , medical oxygen, air separation, O2, membranes, PSA, process gas, pressure swing adsorption, adsorption, on-site gas, on-site generation, air separation units, gaseous, N2, oxygen generator, inerting, production gas, hollow fibre membrane, inertisation, gas cylinder, oxygen, inert gas, packaging gas, technical gases, protective atmosphere, oxygen producer, oxygen generator, medical oxygen, metal industry, packaging, pharmacy, food, water treatment, biogas, chemistry, produce oxygen, oxygen production, on site, oxygen bottle, fish farming, ISO 9001, TÜV, ISO 13485, CE1250