Company Profile Helicobacter Test INFAI INFAI is a company of the researching pharmaceutical industry and offers new, innovative methods in the field of Life Science, including the respective medicinal products for in in- vivo disgnosis of different, widespread common diseases. These in-vivo diagnostics are noninvasive and offer competitive advantages in comparison with other disgnostic tools. In 1997, the 13C-urea breath test Helicobacter Test INFAI was approved Europe-wide by the European Commission and later in 35 countries worldwide. The Helicobacter test INFAI is today the most widely used test for non-invasive diagnosis of infection with Helicobacter pylori. NEW: INFAI developed a new Helicobacter test for dyspeptic patients taking PPIs.The test allows the patients to be tested without need to interrupt the PPI treatment and has been recommended for use during Maastrich III Consensus Report held in March in Florence. In March 2006, INFAI has submitted an application for centralised procedure (parallel approval in all European countries) for Gastromotal, a gastric emptying test at EMEA (European Medicines Agency). The approval is expected for March 2007.