Company Profile ID bio ID bio is specialized in extraction and purification of animal proteins for in vitro diagnostic. The company offers complete ranges of products for immunohematology, immunocytology, blood grouping, molecular biology, RIA systems, serology, etc. • Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) • Bovine Fibrinogen • RPF (Rabbit Plasma Fibrinogen) components • Animal sera and plasma (rabbit, goat, horse, mouse, etc) and Foetal Bovine Serum H2B, the company that belongs to the same group, offers complete ranges of human blood derivates: • Processed products : defibrinated human plasma, defibrinated and delipidated human plasma, T3/T4 depleted human processed serum, steroids depleted human processed serum • Normal human products : human whole blood, human plasma, human serum, red cells concentrate, platelets concentrate • Human proteins : human albumin, human fibrinogen • Characterized disease state samples (patient samples and units)