Xenios AG aims at being the leader in therapies providing minimally invasive lung and heart support. The Novalung iLA, i-cor and Medos products offer the full range of lung and heart assist on one single platform: the Xenios console.


The Novalung iLA therapy can replace or supplement ventilation, which can be harmful and will cause immobilisation. The i-cor therapy assists the heart with a pulse that is synchronized to the human heartbeat. These therapies enable caregivers to keep lung failure patients awake, self-determined and mobile. The iLA therapy also allows to prevent ventilation-associated lung damage. End of 2016 Xenios has become part of the FME family, the worldwide market leader in renal support.


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Six Days Without a Lung – a Look into the Future of Medical Technology

2017 12 Apr

The dramatic story of Canadian Melissa Benoit, who lived for six days without a lung, shows a view of a new chapter in the history of medical technology. The novalung iLA membrane lung, which replaced the functions of the lung, is a product of XENIOS AG. As a strategic partner of XOR Labs in Toronto, both companies wanted to cooperate to revolutionize... Read more

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Lung failure therapies

novalung is the world‘s first lung failure therapy platform, which competes favorably against one-product offerings. The novalung product family enables therapies for lung failure that are adapted to specific indications. In addition, novalung products’ smaller cannulas lower the threshold for adoption. In short, novalung products can replace or reduce invasive mechanical ventilation with therapies tailored to the needs of each patient. The novalung platform performs any level of CO2 removal and oxygenation in acute respiratory failure / AECOPD.

Medos has been making German medical technology history since 1987, for the benefit of cardiac surgeons, perfusionists and patients. Whether aortic valve replacement or bypass surgery, almost all cardiac surgery procedures can be performed effectively using medos products. Upon the acquisition of Medos by novalung's owners the Medos blood pump technology allowed to create both iLA activve and i-cor synchronized cardiac assist for Xenios' state-of-the-art minimally invasive therapy portfolio.

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