35 years of experience in respiratory care Based in Bologna (Italy), DIMA ITALIA has been producing respiratory devices for home, hospital & intensive care since 1979 and celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. Dima Italia is renowned for its cough assistants, the PEGASO Cough and MINI PEGASO , which combine auto-adaptive cough assistance with an highly efficient Percussor for IPV therapy. Dima Italia is also the only provid-er that still produces a negative pressure ventilator, the PEGASO Vent , with a complete set of accessories.

Dima Italia’s range includes positive ventilation devices such as the pressure and volume controlled ventilator ATHENA , the small bilevel pressure ventilator MULTILEVEL Night & Day and the new PSV ventilator LUNA . All devices are characterized by their user-friendliness, new design and advanced electronic. As an absolute novelty, DIMA ITALIA developed the O2 Flow Regulator 106A , which controls the oxygen flow delivered to the patient by constantly monitoring his/her SpO2 level.

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