Artificial ventilation monitor POLAR Dima Italia

Artificial ventilation monitor POLAR Dima Italia

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Innovative features - User friendly - Touch screen - Remote control of the ventilator connected - Values are estimated cycle by cycle - Waveforms and background colours selection - Optional: support trolley Dima Touch Monitor POLAR is a detecting and visualizing system designed by Dima Italia in order to have a clinic interface with the ATHENA ventilator line and the PEGASO V. Connected through a serial port, it can show all working parameters of the machine: pressure and flow waveforms, current volume value, the flow-volume and pressure-flow loops. With the POLAR system it is possible to modify all working parameters, to estimate frequency, minimum and maximum pressure value, minimum and maximum flow value, inspiratory and expiratory volume value performed by the ATHENA. The touch screen with multiple icons is an immediate user/machine interface. It allows total remote control of the connected machine. The monitor POLAR con also be connected to the negative pressure ventilator PEGASO V.
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