CU Medical Systems, Inc. is a high technology company involved in the design, development, manufacture, selling and service of emergency medical devices with the latest IT technology . We provide safe, reliable, and intelligent cardiac monitoring and defibrillation technology that significantly raises access speed to defibrillation and functional electrical stimulator.

Our mission is for our Paramedic series AEDs to become the standard tool that is fast, effective, and extremely easy to use so that more lives are saved in more places. Aiming at making CU Medical Systems, Inc. a leading medical corporation in the globally connected world of the heart safe community, CU Medical Systems, Inc.introduced its first brand-new AED in 2002, which was subsequently reviewed and upgraded till 2004. Since the introduction of Paramedic CU-ER1 AED, we have made great strides in putting a lot of importance on the quality of our products and services to encourage the development and adoption of the Paramedic series AEDs by the heart safe community.

CU Medical Systems, Inc. is now mature and well qualified to meet the needs of the global community. Recently, we have been on the mergers and acquisitions with Health Well Medical, which manufacture the sterilizer and disinfector. From low temperature plasma sterilizer, air disinfector and sterilizer, Ambulance ozone and UV disinfector to even medical ozone sterilizer is more than 9 items.

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