Semi-automatic external defibrillator / with ECG monitor / wireless LIFEGAIN CU-HD1 CU Medical Systems

Semi-automatic external defibrillator / with ECG monitor / wireless LIFEGAIN CU-HD1 CU Medical Systems

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TELEMETRY SYSTEM WITH LIFRGAIN CU-HD1 Time is the matther when the patient suffering from CHD is in tight situation. From the street, office, school to Emergency Room, immediate and advanced patient treatment should be provided in advance. Currently developed, actually installed and run by CU Medical Systems the LIFEGAIN CU-HD1 with Telemetry System is the right tool to tackle the time problem. Where there is a mobile communications network, the vital signs of the patient can be transferred to an emergency room where doctors and nurses can read them in the room while the patient is still in transit. REAL TIME VITAL SIGNS TRANSFERRED AND READ Doctors do not have to wait until the patient's arrival since thet can read all the patient's vital signs clearlt in their room preparing the treatment while LIFEGAIN CU-HD1 keeps sending the signs. DISTANCE NOTIFICATION Medical staff might wonder where the ambulance is located at that moment arranging necessities for the patient. The telemetry Systems thoughtfully provides how far the ambulance is from the hospital, how long it will take to get the hospital. REAL TIME VIEDO AND AUDIO To examine exact patient condition, doctors need to see the patient's looks, to listen to the patient's claim even though they are not with doctors. Remotely but in real time and as if the medical staff is consulting the patient face to face, these funtion should help to give right treatment to the patient. REMOTELY PLACING MEDICAL ORDERS With the vital sings, distance from the hospital, patient's look and claim, doctors can place medical orders with text message (computer) or real audio for the immediate patient therapies
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