Hip Hope Technologies

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Hip-Hope Technologies Hip Hope Technologies Ltd. (HHT) is the developer of Hip Hope™, a revolutionary active device, intended to reduce fall impacts causing hip fractures in seniors suffering from conditions such as low bone density (osteoporosis) and loss of balance related fall events. Hip fracture is the common most severe fracture among elderly people, associated with extremely high rates of mortality and morbidity. Hip Hope™ belt-shaped device incorporates a highly advanced fall detection system, comprising a unique set of sensors and fall detection logic. Once an impending collision with ground surface is identified, the system activates two fast deploying airbags that radically attenuate fall impact. The device will provide additional functionalities, such as: Remote fall alert transmission, ongoing motion and activity data logging, built-in emergency-distress button, GPS locator and pockets for storing small-size personal items. HHT management team and advisory board members are characterized by their vast professional and managerial experience. HHT teamed up with leading medical and nursing centres, in performing field research and testing of the device. HHT is in the final stages of undergoing ISO 13485 certification and obtaining CE-mark and FDA listing for Hip Hope™. Beginning of Hip Hope™ sale is scheduled for Q1/2016.