Endorse Company
About us HAYASHI SEIKI SEIZO Co., Ltd. was founded in 1921as a watchcase manufacturer, and our technology has been adopted bymultiple Japanese high-end watchmakers for many years. Now, in order to utilize our metal processing techniques to maximum effect, we are expanding our business to the medical field. In this field, we have recently been developing two types of ultrasonic flow detector that do not require contact with solutions inside the tube between: 1) an infusion pump and the human body; and 2) a syringe pump and the human body. The syringe pump in particular can measure as small a volume of flow as 1 ml/h. In addition, we manufacture orthopedic implants that are made ofASTMF136-compliant titanium and colored by anodic oxidation treatment. We encourage you to come and visit us at our booth in COMPAMED, and we look forward to explaining more about our products.